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5 years of CPP Poland !

5 years of CPP Poland !

On July 1, 2021 CPP Poland was celebrating 5th birthday. We are extremely proud that we can celebrate this anniversary together!
We joined the CPP family five years ago, full of fears and unknowns, but with hope and prospects for the development of our foundries in the near future. The presented ambitious development and sales plans seemed unrealistic, but now we can see how they are being implemented.
During these 5 years we have experienced many moments of glory when we approved new parts and implemented production for new customers, we opened a new part of the production hall, we built new machines, and also received title of the Gold Supplier. The past year and crises in the aviation industry forced us to slow down our growth and development, and we made difficult decisions. However, together with our employees and thanks to the understanding of the situation, we have overcome this stage that we hope is behind us.
We had the pleasure to celebrate our 5th anniversary together, during the ceremony we listened to the speeches of our boss Julian Zeltinger, who spoke about the flourishing of our foundries, as well as about future development plans, thanking for commitment and work over the last 5 years, as well as the heads of both Foundries Dariusz Szawara and Jerzy Rozmund, who also added a few words of recollections about the work of the plants in the past time.
We would like to sincerely thank our employees for the last 5 years and wish all of us together, further successes and more occasions to celebrate!