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Christmas Party

Christmas Party

The year 2022 at CPP Poland ended with a Christmas Meeting that took place at the Bristol Hotel. In a beautiful festive setting, we listened to congratulations from our CEO along with the summary of 2022. That evening, the Aviator and Odlewnik Pomysłów nations, which are already our annual tradition, were also presented.Some of our employees celebrated their jubilees of work at CPP that evening, which was also an opportunity to celebrate. The main attraction of the meeting was the performance of Andrzej Grabowski, who introduced us to a light, optimistic atmosphere, thanks to which this evening was even more special. During the event, the employees of our company had the opportunity to integrate together, make wishes and talk in a pleasant atmosphere, filled with kindness and cordiality.

Thank you for this special, nice time and we wish you a wonderful 2023!