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CPP Poland and the pandemic COVID-19

CPP Poland and the pandemic COVID-19

The rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic means it’s hard to know where to act and what to do as a business to get through these Times.

However, CPP Poland is implementing processes and systems that can last throughout the crisis. Here are a few ideas we came up with :

  1. Set up COVID-19 response team. A dedicated COVID-19 response team to monitor and respond to daily pandemic developments is integral to our business
  2. Information to employees & customers. We inform our employees about changes in our organization, fill them in with necessary information also send, on request, updated action list to our customers.
  3. Expand sanitation procedures. Certain procedures which our employees need to follow were introduced.
  4. Educate employees on precautionary measures. Educating employees is an integral to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We set up new policies, stricter regulations on company access, dedicated messages to all Staff, from our General Manager are also part of our actions.
  5. Support anxious employees. Employees will understandably be anxious about a number of things – not only about the pandemic itself, but about the impact on their job and personal budget. In the case of a work from home order, they may feel underequipped to handle that sudden shift from a comfortable, dedicated office environment to a home office. We do everything so they feel that CPP stands behind them.
  6. Expand digital workplace resources. We  ensure that our  employees are well-equipped for that transition and for working in that mindset.
  7. Keep the pipeline moving. We have to keep the pipeline moving in every aspect of the business and prepare business for soon to be recovery.

Thank you for your continuous support & understanding. Let’s be strong, get proactive, and stay healthy – as a business, too.