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Integration of CPP Poland - Podhale

Integration of CPP Poland - Podhale

Another weekend integration is behind us, which we traditionally go to every year in June. This time we relaxed and had a nice time at the Bachledówka Hotel, located in the heart of Podhale, among picturesque forests and lush meadows with a view of the Tatra Mountains, Gorce aThere were sports games, animations for children, evening fun with a DJ and highlander performances. In addition, enthusiasts of mountain activities took a walk through the Strążyska Valley, admiring the beautiful views on the route.  There was also delicious food and blissful laziness in these unique natural circumstances.nd Beskid Mountains. During the trip, a lot of attractions awaited both children and adults.


We would like to thank everyone for the time spent together and good fun, and we are already starting the countdown to the next integration 😊.