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Jubilee of the foundries

Jubilee of the foundries

The year 2018 is a very special time for CPP Poland. The reason is that, among other things, our two foundries celebrate their jubilee this year. W50 celebrates its 50th anniversary and for W67 it is the 10th anniversary of its activity.


On this occasion, the Management Board of CPP Poland Sp. z o.o. organized a special event, that took place on June 20th,  2018 at one of our divisions. The retired and former employees of both foundries, who had their significant contribution to the development of our business, as well as other excellent guests were invited to the above-mentioned jubilee. After the speech of the Board of CPP Poland, a jubilee cake entered the room. Also, every guest and all employees received a commemorative gift in the form of an opener with W50 and W67 foundry worker. The gift has been made for this occasion in our foundries. During the event, all guests could admire the photos showing the history of both foundries as they were displayed in the background.



The history of both our foundries is available in the "About us" tab.