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"Mom, Dad, work safely" - the results of the competition

"Mom, Dad, work safely" - the results of the competition

Organizing art competitions for the children of our employees has already become a tradition. This year the children prepared art works under the slogan: "Mom, Dad work safely". The theme was a great opportunity for parents to talk to their children about their work and what it means to work in safe conditions.

The competition was resolved on May 21. Over 40 children of employees participated in the announced contest. The jury awarded the main prize - a plane flight to Warsaw and a visit to the Copernicus Science Centre. There were also awarded 3 distinctions in particular age groups and 3 distinctions in EHS categorie. All participants received commemorative diplomas and backpacks with gifts.

The award ceremony for the competition winners was combined with a tour of our plant. It was also a great opportunity to present to children live what safety at work means. In addition, attractions were organized for the children in the form of games and discussions, which showed us how children perceive and understand the concept of safety. Children could also learn first aid in a the form of play.


We congratulate the children for their creativity, and thank their parents for their involvement and time.