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Results of the competition "Paint Spring with CPP "

Results of the competition "Paint Spring with CPP "

While waiting for spring, CPP Poland announced (once again) an art competition. Little artists created unique works under the slogan "Paint Spring with CPP". Choosing the best works from among 56 interesting proposals turned out to be a big dilemma for the Members of the Competition Committee. Ultimately, the Chapter awarded the main prize (flight to Warsaw with a visit to the Copernicus Science Center) and four awards, including for the work that became the basis for the poster promoting the World Environment Day at CPP Corp. The competition culminated in the children's visit to CPP. It was a special day for everyone. Little artists could get to know their parents' workplaces and take part in games with animators. Prizes, distinctions, diplomas and gifts were presented to all participants of the competition. Although the emotions of the competition have come to an end this year, they left smiles on their faces. Next year, we will take the wings of the artistic imagination again thanks to the children of CPP.
See you 😊