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VI International Precision Foundry Conference

VI International Precision Foundry Conference

On October 22-23, at the Nosalowy Dwór Hotel in Zakopane, the VI International Conference of Precision Foundry organized by CPP Poland took place. The meeting was attended by employees of our company, as well as people from research units, including representatives of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Rzeszów University of Technology, Cerel Boguchwała, as well as our suppliers Infoster, Remet, Createc and Seco Warwick. During the meeting, the works carried out in the company as part of research projects were presented, including projects co-financed from EU funds under the Fast Track Competition. Currently, CPP POLAND conducts four large research projects for the amount of over PLN 70 million in the field of precision casting, based on research and development works, development of innovative solutions that can be implemented in the organization. The meeting also allowed us to get acquainted with the new offer of our suppliers, 

learn about the directions of their development in the coming years and determine quality requirements.


We would like to thank the participants for their active participation in the conference, and we are already thinking about the orgasm of the next one!