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We train practically

We train practically

June and September this year at CPP passed under the slogan "we train practically". As part of the practical improvement of rescue skills, training in fire protection and first aid was held. The trainings were conducted under the watchful eye of practitioners, i.e. active paramedics and professional firefighters.


A total of 161 employees were trained. Thanks to training in fire protection, employees had the opportunity to use fire extinguishers, see how combustible liquids behave, how they are extinguished and how to use a fire blanket correctly. However, as part of the first aid training, employees improved their skills during scenes simulating accidents on the premises of the Plant.


Realistic scenery prepared by the training company allowed the participants to face the difficult conditions and emotions that accompany accidents. Thanks to this training, employees could expand their skills, knowledge, check reactions to existing accident situations and see how they cope in surprise situations.