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Women's Day and Men's Day at CPP Poland

Women's Day and Men's Day at CPP Poland

Once again at CPP we celebrate Women's Day and Men's Day together. In Poland, the first Women's Day was celebrated on March 24, 1924, while Men's Day has no official start date. We know, however, that its origins date back to November 19, 1999, where this holiday was first celebrated in distant Trinidad and Tobago.

Both dates in the calendar are located close to each other, which is why there are many celebrations. On Women's Day, ladies in our company sat down at the tables, where hot coffee, tea and delicious cakes were waiting for them, and our male management took care of thanks, beautiful wishes and flowers. Two days later, on Man's Day, we wished all the gentlemen and offered sweets.
Both on the first and second day of the celebration did not take small gifts😊.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, once again – on the occasion of Women's Day and Men's Day, we give our best wishes, thank you for your commitment to everyday work, thanks to which we achieve further successes and grow in strength!