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World Earth Day 2022 at CPP Poland

World Earth Day 2022 at CPP Poland

World Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, has already entered the CPP Poland calendar of events. Every year we try to emphasize the importance of caring for the well-being of our planet. Earth is our common good, so we must all take care of the natural environment. Earth Day is a great opportunity to think together about what we can do for our planet.
In this edition, we prepared an educational competition for our employees - an ecological knowledge test, which was very popular. Congratulations to the winners once again!
On the occasion of the Earth Day, our canteens were also green - beautiful potted flowers and posters with nature in the background were purchased.
We also took care of ensuring greater contact with nature and greenery in our canteens - now, during a break from work, each of us can admire the beautiful flowers