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Final of the Art Competition for children "Land of Values"

Final of the Art Competition for children "Land of Values"

The theme of our annual art competition for children this year was the most important values in CPP Poland: honesty, cooperation, respect, safety, the highest quality. The children showed great creativity and talent when creating the works, presenting various situations It was also a great opportunity to talk about what values should be guided in life and how and why they should be followed. We collected a record number of works.

The final of the competition took place on May 27. Selecting the best work was extremely difficult due to the very high level of complex work.  our values played the most important role. As every year, the committee awarded as the main prize a flight to Warsaw and a visit to the Copernicus Science Centre. There were also 3 distinctions in individual age categories and a special distinction of the Quality Director. Each participant received a diploma of recognition and a prize in the form of a back bag with gifts. In addition to the ceremonial part of the presentation of diplomas and awards, there was a tour of our Plant, as well as animations, which turned out to be great fun not only for children, but also for their parents 😊.
Congratulations to all participants and parents for their involvement in this event!